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Reflection on my Dietetic Internship Journey

Written by: Alisa McAleer, Dietetic Intern
Monday April 13, 2015

At this time last year, I was giddy with excitement that I had gotten matched to one of my top choices for an internship. This time has flown by so fast and I have learned so much in this short amount of time that I feel almost like a different person with all this newfound knowledge and experience. I would have to say that my most memorable rotations are not those that were the most fun or even the most interesting. The most memorable will be those that challenged me the greatest. Even when I thought I was doing well, it wasn’t beyond certain preceptors to demand near perfection. This stressed me out at times and even frustrated me; however, I am beyond grateful for the constant test of endurance and the push to make me better. I want to be considered the expert in nutrition that professors and preceptors keep claiming we should be as dietitians. This requires constant practice, beyond what we’ve experienced during our internship, especially in a profession that is constantly changing. Just look at the new dietary guidelines to be published later this year; I rest my case. We are bombarded from every direction for nutrition guidance and as our profession continues to grow, I hope that we will be looked to more and more as the true credible source. I know I have put a lot of time, energy and resources toward my education, and will continue to do so, as do many individuals in their respective fields. My hope is that the passion that we as dietitians share for food science, health, and nutrition combined with our education will provide for a stable foundation to inform our society and not add to the emotion or mass media frenzy that so easily sucks consumers in to a web of confusion. As I prepare to step into the field as a dietetic professional, I am giddy with excitement at all of the opportunities before me to educate, inform and help people to live a life of optimal health and wellness.